Brand Meaning by Mark Batey the Book

A thorough and compelling analysis of the multiple ways people find and create meaning in brands.

BRAND MEANING takes a comprehensive and holistic look at how consumers find and create meaning in brands. It explores the fundamental conscious and unconscious elements that connect people with products and brands. Traditional marketing concepts are questioned, and a new brand meaning framework is put forward. The book lays out new and fertile territory for the understanding of how brands can both assimilate and provide meaning. It will leave readers with a better appreciation of what brand means and what brands mean.

Mark Batey
Author: Mark Batey

"Disney has been so phenomenally successful not because it branded a product, but because it branded a meaning." (page 11)

“A most thought-full book. Must reading for everyone who studies or manages brands. It is well reasoned and very practical.”

- Gerald Zaltman, Professor of Marketing, Harvard Business School

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